CCENT Cisco Show Commands

CCENT Cisco Show Commands

After reading a lot of forums regarding CCENT Cisco Show Commands.

People tend to focus on IP addressing/Routing over knowing how to properly diagnose and fix the actual problem within the simulation.

Here is a list of the most important “show commands” you most likely run into on the exam:

  • show Interfaces
  • show ip interface brief
  • show mac address-table
  • show ip protocols
  • show ip route
  • show cdp neighbors
  • show cdp neighbors detail
  • show cdp interface
  • show running-config
  • show version

Here is what an example of what one of the commands look like in action!

Cisco Certification Help - CCENT Cisco Show Commands

If you are interested in a more comprehensive guide on show commands check this out on the Cisco website found here!

  1. Jib M

    can you add maybe how they look when you run them in a simulator or anything?

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